Bringing a Little of the Great Outdoors Home

I like to unplug, go off the grid, and camp near a stream. This is my blog persona and it isn’t a fantasy. I can go on and on about the outdoor life and sleeping peacefully under the stars rolled up in a toasty sleeping bag. Cooking on a campfire is the epitome of the experience. Try fresh coffee in the morning and some bacon and eggs you prepare yourself with the iron frypan. You will soon understand my idea of heaven. You don’t have to have any particular talent. It is a very democratic experience. I try to prolong my adventures by adapting my abode to camp style living. I call it bringing a little of the great outdoors home. Fortunately, I have a large backyard and patio so I can bring some of the fun of outdoor cooking to my immediate midst. I decided to go all out and top off the area with a large grill and a fire pit. Yes, I do like to sleep in the yard alone or with friends. Given that I added a kegerator (one of these: to the space, everyone can enjoy the best brew in town. Burgers and beer are my entertaining style. I have left nothing out. Friends accept my invitations with glee. Okay, we can’t have a real campfire due to neighborhood regulations, but we can as close as we can to ersatz camping. I am called the oddball of the neighborhood. I could write a book about camping but instead I have a blog and Facebook. I go for the traditional type and eschew too many modern conveniences like generators, outdoor lighting, and tents. Camping is about coping with the environment no matter the circumstances. It could rain or shine and I will be just fine. I prefer a bit of the wilderness rather than a tourist hotspot with RVs in a tidy row. You won’t ever catch me in a motorhome. Well maybe when I retire. I may opt at that time for cabins, sports facilities like a lake with canoes, or a nearby compound with food and bathing. For now, I am going native and keeping it real. I am not a big hunter or fly fisherman, but the idea of getting my own food appeals to me. For now, at least I make it. You probably think that installing an outdoor kegerator at home is pushing things to their limits, but I am not trying to compare my home to nature. Thus, I can add a few amenities for myself and friends. Campers who fear the real experience and would rather not light a match will come to my house for a taste of my idea of the good life in a safe environment. We have yet to see a stray bear. I have persuaded them over a long period of time by touting its many advantages, among them the grilled food and ice cold beer.