Camping can be Hard on Your Vehicle

I love my car. It has taken me to many great places, particularly the local campsites. But lately, I feel that it has seen better days. As much as I love sleeping out under the stars and eating from a tin can, I hate when my car starts to accumulate signs of wear and tear. A lot of it comes from the rugged terrain of the camping area. If you go to a popular campsite, people park close to you and ding your door or back fender. They are oblivious, but what can I say? I get loads of dents from driving over rock-laden dirt roads myself. Plus, the sun and rain are tough on paint. My shocks are shot. Sometimes I feel like bashing someone else’s vehicle and ask a friend to drive, but this doesn’t seem fair. They get it right away and decline the invitation. It would be nice to have someone tag along, but they have seen my wreck. I suppose it doesn’t matter if your car is trashed if you use it primarily for recreation, but I also take it to work and out at night. It doesn’t make a very good impression and I'm sure it's been the topic of conversation on Facebook for my friends before. People ask if I kick the car in anger. What? It isn’t a real person. When I take the car to a carwash, they try their best; but they can only tackle the grime and dirt, particularly that caked on the tires. I like that they at least clean the interior where I have had many spills. I have a cooler for drinks but I sometimes want one while driving and it can take a tumble. Plus, there are telltale signs of lunch in the back seat or evidence of a rogue racoon. The carwash has a canister vac which works very well for this purpose. You can’t lug a heavy upright model around the place. If I wash my car at home, I don’t get nearly the results, so I decided to look at a web site called The Vacuum Challenge to help me make the decision of which canister vacuum to buy. I won’t stop camping because it takes a toll on my car. Don’t be crazy. It is part of my life by now and it will continue to draw me into its realm. There is nothing like the outdoors with scenic views and crisp, fresh air. Add fishing in a stream and hiking up a hill and you have the recipe for the best recreation. Given the feast for the eyes with all its picturesque beauty, I take a digital camera along to get prime photos. I may use my cell phone and send images to friends showing them what they are missing. The rest go on Instagram or Facebook. People know by now that they can regularly expect my photos. I get their vacations at the beach or skiing in the mountains. We all have our preferences. I will try other pastimes, but give me camping every time.