Good Friends, Good Weekend

If you are an outdoor junkie like me, no doubt you have been camping dozens of times. There is nothing like the exhilaration of being outdoors and testing your survival skills. I don’t always go deep into the wilds; I like the traditional places just fine. I enjoy boating, hiking, cooking dinner over a roaring fire, and singing songs while drinking beer late into the night. Then it is time to retire in your tent or sleeping bag with the stars as your ceiling. If you adore fishing, it will be one of your primary activities. Give it plenty of time. There is nothing more contemplative and relaxation. Plus, dinner will be sublime.

Some of my friends like to come along and fishing is not their thing. When this happens, I bring a soccer ball that I picked after reading a post on my favorite magazine’s Facebook page and we play around for hours burning off steam. Then you can fish or relax as you wish. A walk by the lake is scenic and fun. Just remember the location of your campsite. I select one that has enough adjacent space to play soccer with six people. Most of my friends enjoy the game and getting to play makes for a great weekend.

The sport is so popular now that sites like are popping up to provide coverage to fans. In the US, fans are developing daily and finding an alternative to baseball and basketball. It is one thing to watch your favorite teams and another to play soccer for enjoyment and athletic toning. I find it ideal for a trip by the local stream. You can’t very well play baseball or basketball. It is easy to kick the soccer ball around in an open area. You will want a campsite that doesn’t get too crowded, of course, and I know some secret places that are not often frequented.

Soccer is challenging and dynamic, but most of all I like the camaraderie of the team. I select my camp mates accordingly. I like a little competitive spirit but without fanaticism. This is true for any sport. People in tennis, for example, who throw down their rackets in anger are anathema to me. I don’t like cruelty, brutality, or bad language during my recreational athletic time. We had a participant once a while back who took winning too seriously and it spoiled all the fun. It is never good sportsmanship to be overly invested in any game. For me, a camping trip punctuated by a few games of soccer is all about blue skies, fresh air, good friends, and exercise. If you like to go solo to sleep outdoors, I will count you out.

If you are game, you will find that I like to set the ground rules right before we play so that we come to a consensus. To warm up, I like to jog a bit around the camp area. The last requirement for campground soccer is to get a treat after a while. Who doesn’t like a wienie roast? We remember them as kids. Grilling hot dogs is a great way to end a rousing soccer match.